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English starting from this day

As you may know my personal blog have been hacked. I’ve lost all my photos (luckily I have copies on the other sites). The theme is set to default and all. I might feel sore about it though. But also it’s a sign (perhaps from above) to change something. Sort of drastic changes. I’ve decided to run the blog in English further. I’m not a good English writer, but I really enjoy studying the English language. It’s my chance to practice in writing, even though nobody read those messages, it doesn’t matter. I read books now in English, it certainly helps to memorise collocations, expressions and sentences I’ve recently read. Moreover it helps me to adjust my mind to the way of English thinking, to keep my internal monologue flow in English. I really enjoy it to tell you the truth. As a matter of fact I feel sometimes that it’s closer to me and my personality to think in English but it still seems to be difficult as if I were a child with poor vocabulary. By the way, hooray! I’ve just written all this text having looked just a couple of times to the dictionary. It’s full of mistakes, I know. «The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new» (it’s a quote of the wiseman).