Метка: memo

Checklist: motorbike rental

There is just a little memo for me for tomorrow.

The actions you need to do when you rent a motorbike:

  1. Choose a motorbike by its engine capacity. You don’t need 125 cm2 or more. 50-90  cm2 will be enough.
  2. Ask the staff to show you how to insert the key, how to start the bike, how to open the trunk, how to pull out the stand and so on.
  3. Repeat every action mentioned in the paragraph before by yourself. Ask for help if anything isn’t clear or you didn’t manage to do it by yourself.
  4. Take a few photos of the motorbike, particularly take close-ups of all the cracks and scratches.
  5. Get on the bike and try the brakes gently while you are moving the bike forth and back with your legs.
  6. Start the engine and try to feel the throttle handle. Turn it gently and wait until the engine gains its frequency of rotation. Add a little more, feel the thrust.