A classic brick-breaking game in new design for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Control the paddle and destroy all the bricks beating off the balls! It's easy, dynamic and exciting!

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This is the full paid version of Laptichka. It includes 200 levels in 4 packs. All the packs are unlocked! Also you get 3 energy per one falling energy power-up. No Ads!

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Laptichka Mini

This is the free version of Laptichka. In includes 200 levels in 4 packs, but the last 2 packs are paid. Also you get only 1 energy per one falling energy power-up.

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Excellent Retina graphics

Great for The New iPad, iPad+ and newer, iPhone 4 and newer, iPod Touch 4 and newer. But the game will run on older devices too!

Rich sound effects and music

But you can still listen to the music from iPod library

200 levels

200 levels in 4 level packs: Easy, Classic, Funny and Hard. 100 levels for free in Laptichka Mini!

Compete with other players

Game Center integration. Get 3 golden stars in each level! Unlock dozens of achievements! Get to the top!

35 types of bricks

Many colorful bricks, solid bricks, golden bricks, invisble bricks and unique "alive" bricks.

20 variuos bonuses

Catching bonuses (power-ups) gives you extra features

The Builders and The Defenders

You will face active enemies who will try to prevent the destruction of level.

5 helpful gestures

Spend the energy you gathered to perform the special gestures: magnet field, limiters, exposives and more!

In-game store

You can buy more energy there to make the gameplay more dynamic and exciting.


Main menu


Pack selection

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

Gameplay 3

Gameplay video


Maksim 'Tirinox' Koltsov